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Mail : info@rra.gov.rw RRA Call Center : 3004. Links. Feedback; Career center; Partners; RRA Digital Library; Rwanda Public Service Employee Self-Service Portal; Rwanda Public Service e-Recruitment Portal; RRA Information Security Policy; ATAF 10 Years Celebration; Social Media and Subscribe . Subscribe : Login / My RRA. Republic of Rwanda - Rwanda Revenue Authority. RRA, 6th Floor, Kimihurura, KG 4 Ave 8, P. O. Box 3987 - Kigali E-mail: info@rra.gov.rw Telephone: 0788185502 Commissioner for customs services, Mr. MWUMVANEZA Felicien Rwanda Revenue Authority, MAGERWA Building Gikondo P. O. Box 3987 - Kigali, E-mail: info@rra.gov.rw Telephone:0788185711 Commissioner for Domestic Taxes. Ms BATAMULIZA Hajar Ikaze ku buryo bwo gucunga imisoro yeguriwe Inzego z'ibanze Ishakisha. Abafatanyabikorw

Uburenganzira ku ikirangano © Ikigo cy'Imisoro n'Amahoro Authority. Byakozwe & Byatunganyijwe na RRA sw.gov.rw/md RRA has developed a new mobile friendly web application which can be used to declare goods to Rwanda Customs, while crossing a border. This mobile web application will facilitate speedy clearance since goods can be declared in advance of arrival at a border The TIN or password you entered is incorrect. Login. Tin RE Please enter your username and password. Log In. User Nam

Please enter Tin,National-Id and Phone-No provided at the time of Registratio RRA - Recognize TIN by national ID or passport.. National ID: Passpor Ikaze ku buryo bwo gucunga imisoro yeguriwe Inzego z'ibanze Hashingiwe ku ubushobozi no ku itegeko no 08/2009 ryo kuwa 27/04/2009 mu ngingo yaryo ya 3, rishyiraho rikanemeza inshingano z'kigo cy'imisoro n'Amahoro ,Leta yahaye inshingano Ikigo cy'Imisoro n'Amahoro yo kwakirira uturere imisoro n'amahoro byeguriwe inzego z'ibanze kubera ubuhanga n'uburambe mu ikoreshwa ry'ikoranabuhang

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Declare VAT online www.rra.gov.rw When filling for VAT, make sure the TIN on invoice you are declaring (local purchase) match with the company's/ Business TI NON FISCAL REVENUE SERVICES Embassy / Ambassade z'u Rwanda. Services to Public / Gusaba Serivis RRA; IMMIGRATION OFFICE AT RDB; About Us. MISSION AND VISION; CORE VALUES; CLIENT CHARTER; A-Z INDEX; P. O. BOX 6229, KIGALI Tel. +250 78 815 2222 / Fax +250 0252585292 Email: info@migration.gov.rw | visa@migration.gov.rw |production@migration.gov.rw. Service Tel: Passport +250 722 159 372 |Laissez Passer +250 722 158 692|Visa & Permit +250 722 172 974/+250 722 177 437 |PRO +250 722 180 218. Überprüfen Sie, ob rra.gov.rw ein Betrug Website oder eine sichere Website ist. Ermitteln Sie, ob rra.gov.rw ist ein Betrug, betrügerische oder infiziert mit Malware, Phishing, Betrug und Spam, wenn Sie Aktivität habe

Gusaba EBM V2 : Jya kurubuga https://ebm2.rra.gov.rw kanda kuri sign up, uzuza amakuru asabwa, hanyuma ukande kuri submit. 2. Ohereza impapuro zikurikira kuri e-mail ebm2.installation@rra.gov.rw; • Ibaruwa isaba guhabwa EBM yandikiwe Umuyobozi w'ishami rya EBM iriho umukono na kashe bya nyir'ikigo cy'ubucuruzi; • Kopi y'icyemezo cy'uko ikigo cy'ubucuruzi cyanditswe muri RDB. Among the aspects in which its likely to benefit RRA is that it will reduce the cost of revenue collection in regards to maintenance and activation of the device. The EBM-v2 is intended to assist taxpayers in managing their stocks as well as reducing time spent doing business. Germain Uwiringiyedata, the director of G.BI.B.S Ltd (Geospatial Information and Business Solution), which is involved. Rwanda Automated Local Government Taxes Management System service de recherche. Service Provide Register with RRA for E- Service TAX. HOW IT WORKS. Visit RRA : etax.rra.gov.rw; Select RRA; Select TIN number enter pass word given by RRA; Select TAX declaration Select Submitted declaration Year of declaration SUBMITTED Select E- PAYMENT Select Bank COGEBANQUE; Select SUBMIT Select the. Official government site provides news and information about the government, economy, tourism, history and geography

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  1. If a taxpayer wishes to declare for a particular tax type, or tax period, and this is not available on the 'Document Details' screen, the taxpayer can request for it to be added by visiting RRA offices or calling the RRA Call Centre toll-free on 3004
  2. istered online by RRA training department. While registering, in the box that requires to create the username, use part of your RRA email address that contain your names separated by a dot. For instance if your RRA email is eric.manzi@rra.gov.rw, just use.
  3. How can businesses and individuals get a TIN? All businesses in Rwanda must register at Rwanda Development Board (RDB). The RDB and RRA systems link to issue a unique Taxpayer Identification Number (TIN). However, RRA also registers and gives TINs for: Local Government Taxes (LGT) and fees and non-businesses. When must be a taxpayer register their business
  4. Rwanda Revenue Authority. Electronic Billing Machines . The management of Rwanda Revenue Authority is pleased to announce the introduction of Electronic Billing Machines intended to modernize sales outlets by issuing electronic tax receipts

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Rwanda Revenue Authority Address Rwanda Revenue Authority RRA, Kimihurura Avenue du Lac Muhazi, P. O. Box 3987 - Kigali Telephone and e-mail contact If you need any assistance, please contact us: - Placide Kibogo, email: placide.kibogo@rra.gov.rw - Fidele Niyonshuti, email: fidele.niyonshuti@rra.gov.rw - Toll free number 3004 (Call Center Change Password. Your password has been changed successfully. Back to Hom

There are penalties and fines for certain offences that are similar for the majority of domestic taxes. The penalties and fines for these offenses are explained in turn below. For penalties and fines that are relevant to specific tax types, see their respective chapters in this Tax Handbook. If a self-disclosure is made by a taxpayer that was previously not registered with the tax. Igishya! Gusaba kwipimisha COVID-19 biraboneka ku IremboGov. Andikisha ikizamini cyawe nonah Best viewed with Internet Explorer Ver7 and above or Mozilla Firefox Internet Explorer Ver7 and above or Mozilla Firefo What are the available taxpayer facilitation schemes? RRA recognises the importance of trade to Rwanda's development. Therefore, RRA has implemented many additional schemes to facilitate taxpayers in the import and export process. Each of these are discussed in more detail below, and include: * For small scale traders: * Simplified Trade Regime * For frequent, compliant traders: * Gold Card. SINGOMBWA KUZA KU BIRO BYA RRA!!! Ushobora gusaba ukanahabwa EBM V2 utavuye aho uri: 1. Gusaba EBM V2 : Jya kurubuga https://ebm2.rra.gov.rw kanda kuri sign up, uzuza amakuru asabwa, hanyuma ukande..

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www.primature.gov.rw Ministry of Environment www.minirena.gov.rw Ministry of finance and economic planning www.minecofin.gov.rw Ministry of agriculture and animal resources www.minagri.gov.rw Ministry of education wwwemineduc.gov.rw Ministry of health www.moh.gov.rw Ministry of defence www.mod.gov.rw Ministry of justice www.minijust.gov.rw Ministry of foreign affairs, cooperation and EAC www. Vérification si les serveurs renvoyés par le serveur DNS du TLD sont contenus dans les serveurs de noms renvoyés par les DNS de Zone et si les serveurs DNS du TLD sont cohérents avec les serveurs du Whois Il y a incohérence avec le whois Nameservers du DNS TLD ns1.ricta.org.rw. : . ns2.aos.rw. <=> [RW] ns1.rdb.rw. <=> [RW For RRA Use Only . Filling Date: Authorised Officer: Signature: Stamp: Republic of Rwanda. LOCAL CONSUMPTION TAX DECADAL DECLARATION FORM . Rwanda Revenue Authority . 2. Taxpayer and Tax Identification . TIN: Tax Period: Date Issued: Start and End of Tax Period . From: To: Declaration Due Date: Payment Due Date: Full Name: Tax Centre: Document ID: 3. Certification . I certify that the entries.

GOV.RW MIFOTRA. Ministry of Public Service and Labour. search Search. Labour and Employment. The Labour and Employment General Directorate has two units: 1. Labour Administration Unit Attributions of LA Unit: a. Labour Administration; b. Read more → Public Service Management & Development. The Public Service Management & Development General Directorate has two units (1) Public Service. The Autonomous System (AS) number 328385 is assigned to Rwanda Revenue Authority (RRA).AS328385 is assigned on 2018-10-12 by the Regional Internet Registry afrinic.The country of registration is Rwanda.At least one domain is hosted on AS328385. This domain is sw.gov.rw. No name servers are hosted on AS328385. There is one IPv4 prefix announced by AS328385

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Official website of the Government of Rwanda . Get to know Rwanda. Known as the land of a thousand hills, Rwanda's stunning scenery and warm, friendly people offer unique experiences in one of the most remarkable countries in the world Rwanda Revenue Authority Rwanda e-Single Window (RRA Network) Rwanda e-Single Window (RRA Network) Rwanda e-Single Window (RRA Network) http://sw.gov.rw/swapp //10.0.

END OF YEAR MESSAGE FROM H.E. THE PRESIDENT AND COMMANDER-IN-CHIEF TO RWANDA'S DEFENCE AND SECURITY FORCES. On behalf of the Government of Rwanda and on my own behalf, I extend my best wishes for a prosperous New Year 2021 to the valiant men and women of Rwanda's defence and security forces.I appreciate yo Cash Payment is made at RRA's account in any Bank ; Electronic transfer is made at RRA account in Banque Nationale du Rwanda (BNR), on Account no: 1200046); Swift code: BNRWRWRW . 4. CONTACT DETAILS For further information, RSB may be contacted at: P.O.BOX:7099 Kigali-Rwanda Email: info@rsb.gov.rw or esperance.muhongerwa@rsb.gov.rw Web: www.rsb.gov.rw www.portal.rsb.gov.rw . Related Links. Rwanda Revenue Authority e-Learning Platform: Courses. You are not logged in. ()You are here. RRA e-learning platform / Course categories / SOFT SKILL

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Rwanda Revenue Authority hosted this Integrity course on its e-Learning Platform to train you about Integrity at customs. This module was selected for e-learning piloting as a crosscutting competence required for every RRA staff RRA. Rwanda Revenue Authority . Visit → NISR. National Institute of Statistics of Rwanda . Visit → SGF. Special Guarantee Fund . Visit Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation. Visit website → Minister: Dr. Vincent Biruta. Email: info@minaffet.gov.rw. Phone: 2506 (local) / +250788125043 (International) Affiliated agencies. Diplomatic missions. All Embassies/High. Kigali, 16 September 2020: The contract, for rehabilitation and widening works of the road of 53 km starting from Huye bus station to Kitabi tea.. GOV.RW MoH. Ministry of Health. search Search. Planning, Monitoring&Evaluation, and Financing Directorate General . Planning, M&E and Health Financing General Directorate General coordinates the Ministry's work in Planning, Monitoring & Evaluation, Health Financing, Read more → Clinical and Public Health Services . The Directorate is responsible for coordinating the overall strategic.

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  1. WDA Official Contact. WORKFORCE DEVELOPMENT AUTHORITY. Location: KG 17 Ave. PoBox: 2707 Kigali. Tall Free: 4848 Website: www.wda.gov.rw Email: info@wda.gov.rw Twitter.
  2. Member Login. Login Sign up Forget Password? Sign up Forget Password
  3. Urwandiko rw'inzira rwa CEPGL. Impushya. Indangamuntu y'umunyamahanga. Icyangombwa cy'inzira cy'umunyamahanga. Gusaba pasiporo mu buryo bw'ikoranabuhanga. Urwandiko rw'inzira. Gusaba Viza. Ubutaka. Kwandikisha ubutaka butabaruwe . Kwishyura ukoresheje ikoranabuhanga . Gushyira umukono wa Noteri ku masezerano y'inguzanyo . Guhindura imikoreshereze y'ubutaka . Gukosoza amakuru mu gitabo cy.
  4. GOV.RW MINAGRI. Ministry of Agriculture and Animal Resources. search Search. Agriculture Development. The Agriculture Development Directorate monitors and evaluates the implementation of programmes related to crop production and participates in the Read more → Animal Resources Development. The Animal Resources Directorate elaborates and monitors policies, strategies, guidelines and.


DECLARATION BY RRA BOARD OF DIRECTORS. We, Member of RRA Board of Directors; Pursuant to Law n° 08/2009 of 27/04/2009 determining the organization, functioning and responsibilities of Rwanda Revenue Authority (RRA); Pursuant to Law n° 86/2013 of 11/09/2013 establishing the General Statutes for Public Service; Noting that Rwanda Revenue Authority (RRA) is entrusted with an important mandate. For RRA Use Only . Filling Date: Authorised Officer: Signature: Stamp: Republic of Rwanda. MONTHLY PAYE DECLARATION FORM . Rwanda Revenue Authority . 2. Taxpayer and Tax Identification . TIN: Tax Period: Date Issued: Start and End of Tax Period . From: To: Declaration Due Date: Payment Due Date:. Posted: (1 months ago) Interested candidates should download the job application form from RRA website : www.rra.gov.rw. attach an application letter to the commissioner general , as well filled RRA job application form , curriculum vitae , a copy of national identity card , copy of degree , certificated and all academic transcripts as per required qualifications , send them to [email. GOV.RW MINICOM. Ministry of Trade and Industry. search Search. Trade and Investment. The Trade and Investment directorate is composed of two departments: the domestic trade department and the external trade department. Together, these Read more → Industry and Entrepreneurship. Industry and Entrepreneurship department works to improve the competitiveness of existing Rwandan industries.

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  1. GOV.RW MOFA. Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation. search Search. Foreign Policy. Through bilateral cooperation, Rwanda engages other sovereign states with mutual respect between States; equality and complementarity; good Read more → Diplomatic Missions. Rwanda has 39 diplomatic missions and 1 General Consulate covering 147 countries, regional & international.
  2. Umunsi mpuzamahanga w'abantu bafite ubumuga ku rwego rw'akarere ka Kayonza wizihirijwe mu murenge wa Kabarondo. Mu ijambo ry'ikaze, Umuyobozi w'uyu... Gutanga ibitekerezo bizashingirwaho mu igenamigambi ry'akarere, ni uburyo bwiza butuma abaturage bagira uruhare mu bibakorerwa-Meya Murenzi. Umuyobozi w'akarere ka Kayonza Murenzi Jean Claude yatangije igikorwa cyo gukusanya ibitekerezo by.
  3. The tender document may be obtained from the e-procurement system for Rwanda (www.umucyo.gov.rw).For submission of the bids, all interested bidders must pay non-refundable fee of ten thousand Rwandan francs (10,000 RWF) paid to the RRA non-fiscal revenue accounts in Commercial Banks linked with the Rwandan e-procurement umucyo system
  4. Localgov.rra.gov.rw. IP: Ping response time 16ms Good ping Host name, IP address:, location: Rwanda Site alexa rank: 91,96
  5. It is our mandate to listen to taxpayers and identify anything that can hinder their business growth and tax compliance more especially in this period of Covid 19, said Rwanda Revenue Authority (RRA) Commissioner General, Bizimana Ruganintwali Pascal during his visit to Shema Power Lake Kivu Ltd on Tuesday, November 10, 2020. As RRA conducts [
  6. Republic of Rwanda - Rwanda National Police P. O. Box 6304 KIGALI - RWANDA Phone: +250 788311155 info@police.gov.rw Phone: +250 788311155 info@police.gov.rw
  7. Dear visitors, it is with pleasure to welcome you to the website of the National Rehabilitation Service. NRS was established by the law NO 17/2017 of 28/04/2017 with Vision, mission and strategic objectives.. Our Vision is To achieve a delinquency free Rwanda society.Delinquency is a global concern for developing, developed and emerging market states

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  1. We love to help 114 Toll Free Number. Call us. Monday-Sunday from 7am to 8p
  2. Accounting • Records all financial information in the accounting system; • Maintains all records on file; • Put in place a proper filing system; • Ensure regular filing of accounting documents; • Fill in the RRA format for PAYE, VAT and witholding taxes on time ; • File RSSB contributions, PAYE, VAT, and withholding taxes declared on time ; • To prepare employees monthly payroll.
  3. Processing please wait.... Version 1.
  4. www.rnra.rw
  5. Rwanda Civil Service Self service portal, MIFOTRA. Plan, make leave requests and view your leave & absence histor
  6. EN RW. Toggle navigation. HOME; OPEN CALLS; APPLIED R&D; KNOWLEDGE MANAGEMENT; TECHNOLOGY TRANSFER; RESOURCES; PRESSROOM; INNOVATE4INDUSTRY; NIRDA Reinventing Industries. CLICK HERE TO APPLY. ABOUT NIRDA The National Industrial Research and Development Agency (NIRDA), is a government institution that has been mandated with a mission to enable a generation of industrial innovators to become.

RRA Forms for Districts. The RRA forms for districts are completed by districts annually to summarize the district's landholding information. Certification district summary forms are used by districts that are subject to the RRA's discretionary provisions, or have landholders in the district that are subject to the RRA's discretionary provisions E-mail: rosine.uwamariya@rra.gov.rw Telephone: +250 78 8185711 Mr. William Musoni Deputy Commissioner for Customs Services Rwanda Revenue Authority 1st Floor Customs Gikondo Magerwa P.O. Box 3987 - Kigali E-mail: William.musoni @rra.gov.rw Telephone: +250 78 8185840 Customs clearance procedures can be found at RRA Website. Prepared by our U.S. Embassies abroad. With its network of 108 offices.


intoDNS: Checking health and configurtion of DNS server and mail server for domainrra.gov.rw. Work in progress! Follow IntoDNS on Twitter. Category Status Test name Information send feedback; Parent : Domain NS records: Nameserver records returned by the parent servers are: ns2.aos.rw. [''] [TTL=86400] ns3.aos.rw. [''] [TTL=86400] ns1.rdb.rw. [''] [TTL. Urutonde rw'abantu basabwa kwishyura Leta umwenda ukomoka ku manza batsinzwe. RIB yafashe abatekamutwe bahimba ibyangombwa by'abantu bakagurisha imitungo yabo babiyitiriye. Ubutumwa bwa RIB buburira abaturarwanda hagamijwe kwirinda ubujura bukorerwa kuri telefoni zigendanwa . Ubutumwa bwa RIB bukangurira abaturarwanda kwirinda abatekamutwe bashaka kubambura ibyabo bitwaje icyorezo cya. RW. Facebook; Twitter; Youtube; soundcloud; Flickr; MENU. Home; About RAB. RAB Overview; Mission & Vision; Responsabilities; Organization Structure; RAB Top Management; Board of Directors Members; Directorate. Office of Director General; DDG/Agriculture Research & Technology Transfer. Land Husbandry and Irrigation Research & Technology Transfer Department ; Crop Research & Technology Tranfer. Ministère de l'environnement: moe.gov.rw Ministère de la santé: moh.gov.rw Ministère de la défense: mod.gov.rw Ministère de l'innovation et des nouvelles technologies: minict.gov.rw Ministère de l'éducation: mineduc.gov.rw Ministère de la culture et de la jeunesse: myculture.gov.rw Ministère de l'administration locale: minaloc.gov.rw

Urutonde rw'abemerewe n'abatemerewe gukora ikizamini mu burezi Ukwakira 2020 Published on : 10/14/2020 Itangazo ry'Akazi mu burezi Ngoma Nzeri 202 Abagize itsinda ry'umushinga w'Ikoranabuhanga ry'amasoko ya Leta (umucyo.gov.rw) tariki 2 Werurwe 2018, bakoranye inama n'abahagarariye ibigo bya Leta bidakoresha ingengo y&rsq Tender notice

www -primature .gov.rw Tel: (250) 252585444 inf0(à2rimature. gov. 6. 8. The Cabinet approved the following orders: O 0 The Presidential order relating to border posts and steering comrnittee. Presidential order relating to accession of Rwanda to the convention on early notification of nuclear accident, adopted in Vienna, on September 26th 1986. Presidential order relating to accession of. P. O. Box 6304 KIGALI - RWANDA Phone: +250 788311155 info@police.gov.rw.

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RRA Jobs: Keywords More options... Reset options. Job Function Accounting/Finance Administrative/Clerical Architecture Art/Design Business Development Show more... Location Experience Level Senior Level Mid Level Entry Level Internship. Detailed information on current taxes, including import tariff lists an facilitation schems, can be found at the Rwanda Revenue Authority website: www.rra.gov.rw. Border posts are located in Rubavu at the border with North Eastern DRC, Kagitumba and Gatuna at the border with Uganda, Rusumo at the border with Tanzania, Akanyaru at the border with Burundi and Cyangugu at the border with eastern DRC Website: vww.primature.gov.rw . 5. 6. 8. Inama y'Abaminisitiri yemeje: Amasezerano hagati ya Guverinoma yu Rwanda, Wood Foundation Africa na Unilever Tea Rwanda Limited yo kwagura (ikiciro cya 2) ibikorwa byo guteza imbere icyayi mu Karere ka Nyaruguru. Umushinga Kigali Financial Towers Project uzashyirwa mu bikorwa na Sosiyete EH Venture Capital Rwanda. Inama y'Abaminisitiri yemeje amateka. Urutonde rw'abemerewe gukora ikizamini ku myanya y'akazi ko gukora mu bigo by'amashuri n'abasabye gutoranywamo kuba abayobozi mu bigo by'amashuri bitandukanye [Soma ibikurikira] Posted : 10/14/2020 Itangazo ry'ibizamini by'akazi ku basabye gukora ku bitaro by'Akarere bya Gatunda [Soma ibikurikira] Posted.

Provision of rental services for RRA Gasabo Domestic Taxes Offices(Framework) Government Of Rwanda NCB 2020/2021 P000231/2020/2021/RRA Goods Supply and Installation of EBMs for None VAT registered tax payer's project for RRA: Government Of Rwanda. Rwandaimmigration, Kigali, Rwanda. 6,963 likes · 16 talking about this · 24 were here. Our vision is to build Rwanda as a prosperous, welcoming and secure nation

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